In the HBO movie ‘Hemingway & Gellhorn,’ Clive Owen portrays the famed author opposite Nicole Kidman’s character Martha Gellhorn. Although Gellhorn initially describes her soon-to-be husband as a “large dirty man in disgustingly soiled clothes,” she probably succumbed to the power that is Owen’s manly chest hair and gave into her true feelings.

That’s what we would’ve done, anyway.

We’ve never been able to comprehend why most men have this aversion to chest hair. Yes, a smooth work space is a great quality to look for in a man, but then there comes the Clive Owen type who (and we’re gonna quote ‘Austin Powers’ for a second) turns into a “sexy beast” with a nicely trimmed bush.

Owen knows how to play his sprouting fibers right, though. He doesn’t let them overpower his torso, but instead keeps them at a perfect length so that his wife can run her hands through them or use them as a pillow. Again, that’s just what we’d do.