Just when the internet couldn't get any more weirder in 2017, this happens.

In the midst of living her best life, and after a wild week that included a LAX TO LAX flight ordeal, Chrissy Teigen went off on Twitter trolls for dragging her daughter Luna into the Pizzagate conspiracy theory Saturday night (December 30).

Conservative writer and self-proclaimed "award-winning author" Liz Crokin accused Chrissy Teigen and John Legend for involving their one year old in a human trafficking and child sex abuse ring. The "political junkie" tweeted a photo collage of Luna in an Alice in Wonderland and hot dog costume as well as a SnapChat screenshot of Teigen using the pizza emoji to support her claim of the family being linked to Pizzagate.

Though the tweet may sound silly, it did not stop internet trolls and conspiracy theorists from bombarding Teigen and Legend's Twitter mentions with accusations of child abuse and pedophilia.

On Saturday evening, Chrissy Teigen finally broke her silence in regards to the issue.

"I debated saying something about this but I'm pretty disturbed over here," Teigen tweeted as she shared a couple of screenshots. "The fact that there are people with these... thoughts... is really scary."

It wasn't long before Crokin fired back at Teigen with accusations of human trafficking in Hollywood.

Moments later, John Legend chimed in and slammed the conservative writer.

While things are still brewing on their mentions, here's to hoping Twitter isn't as weird and creepy in 2018.

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