The “if Miley Cyrus comments...” trend has reached Chipotle.

The official TikTok for Chipotle hopped on the viral trend in which fans attempt to get the "Midnight Sky" singer to answer their life question or convince them to accomplish a task if she leaves a comment on their post. Chipotle's mission? To add Miley to the menu!

"If Miley Cyrus comments we'll make a Miley burrito in our app," the account shared alongside an image of a veggie burrito on December 9.

Cyrus quickly replied to their request: "Only if you name it, 'The Guac Is Extra But So Is Miley' burrito."

The account then asked Cyrus to privately message them with her usual order. And so, the Miley burrito was born!

So, what's in the Miley Cyrus burrito? It's a vegan burrito with white rice, black beans, fajita veggies, roasted chili-corn salsa, tomatillo red chili salsa, romaine lettuce and guacamole.

See Chipotle's TikTok, below.

To enjoy the special menu item, fans can order "The Guac Is Extra But So Is Miley" burrito on the official Chipotle app.

How did the "if Miley Cyrus comments..." trend come to be? After Cyrus joined TikTok, she explained to fans that she had more time while in quarantine, so she began leaving comments on fans' posts. She even asked one fan out on a date.

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