Sometimes traveling on an airplane can be fun and relaxing but occasionally, it can be a nightmare if this situation arises.

Most folks these days avoid driving long hours with a short flight. Flights are convenient and affordable for many who might have to travel long distances. Flying can be a party if you are with friends or family heading to a fun destination.

Then there are occasions when flights are a nightmare. It could be because of the time of the flight, turbulence, or losing sleep stressing over the flight.

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Then there is one scenario that can upset anyone, and it's too common these days.

If you have flown during your life, there is a solid chance you have had to deal with crying babies or toddlers. Unruly kids make the lives of their parents and the people on the plane stressful.

Photo by Suhyeon Choi via Unsplash
Photo by Suhyeon Choi via Unsplash

You are in a giant metal tube in the sky and nowhere to escape. If you are on a long flight, it can make your destination seem further away.

Some parents try to rectify the situation by buying drinks or trying to soothe their child, but some don't care and let the problem escalate, frustrating passengers.

Photo by Gerrie Van Der Walt via Unsplash
Photo by Gerrie Van Der Walt via Unsplash

On my two flights yesterday, one flight had 15 screaming children(thank god for noise-canceling headphones), and the second flight had a child watching a movie on a tablet with the volume as loud as it could get.

I could see the frustration and annoyance on many passengers' faces throughout the day, understanding their pain.

I have a solution.

Would you pay extra for a child-free flight?

Photo by Alexander Schimmeck via Unsplash
Photo by Alexander Schimmeck via Unsplash

Think about it. You wouldn't have to worry about crying babies, screaming toddlers, or things getting thrown around during your flight. You could sit back, enjoy a beverage, and relax until you reach your destination.

I know some parents who try to remedy the situation and applaud your efforts, but some of us don't want to even be in that situation.

Would you pay a little extra for a child-free flight? Let us know on the app.

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