As noted in a new item at Variety today, Sony has been on something of a roll when it comes to getting female talent behind the camera. They’ve put together a respectable slate of films directed by women: Catherine Hardwicke was tapped to translate narco thriller Miss Bala for American audiences, Broad City mastermind Lucia Aniello wrote-directed the upcoming bachelorette-shenanigans comedy Rough Night, Michelle MacLaren landed the Sam Claflin-led thriller Nightingale, and perhaps most intriguingly of all, Elizabeth Banks has taken her next directorial project with a reboot of Charlie’s Angels. And for the latter two, today brings concrete news of impending developments.

Sony has assigned both The Nightingale and Charlie’s Angels release dates. Variety reports. The Nightingale will nest on August 10, 2018, and in what I consider to be a brash assumption about the continued existence of movies, America, and Earth, Sony has slotted Banks’ Angels for June 7, 2019. Will we all still be enjoying the occasional studio comedy vehicle two years into whatever is happening right now? Sony apparently thinks so.

Based on a true account from a survivor, the Nightingale is a coming-of-age story set in France on the cusp of World War II, in which a pair of sisters find themselves while avoiding the hostile tendrils of violence in their motherland. Beginning as a ’70s TV program and getting a revival courtesy of Lucy Liu, Cameron Diaz, and Drew Barrymore in 2000, Charlie’s Angels tracked the adventures of three sexy spies. Whether Banks would herself take one of the leading roles, and which actors we can expect to portray her partners-in-crimefighting, all have yet to be revealed. Presumably, actors are leery to sign on because life as we know it has made the world of two years from now feel remote and impossible.

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