Today's videos are a variety of Santa and too much eggnog, TSA Agents think a little kid is a terrorist, and more.

Too much eggnog for Santa --

Voting is orgasmic --

This is hard to believe, but apparently it's legit.  There's a pop singer in Japan named HATSUNE MIKU (--pronounced Hat-soon-ee Mee-koo).  But she's not a person, she's a hologram.  And her concerts are selling out.

--There's footage of it on YouTube, and it basically looks like a real-life cartoon performing on stage --

At the Salt Lake City International Airport on Friday, the TSA wanted to pat down a little boy even though he didn't set off the metal detector.

--And the boy's dad got so fed up with it, he took his son's shirt off and handed it to the TSA agent.

Eva and Tony do Grease - -

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