Get ready to see Celine Dion in a whole new way. The French Canadian queen isn’t just covered in plush toys in the new issue of V Magazine — she also poses topless!

In the black and white spread, Dion rocks oversized overalls covered in stuffed animals and a bunny mask in one shot, evoking a sort of hybrid Playboy bunny-’Donnie Darko’ theme. It’s bizarre and if the mag didn’t advertise it as Celine Dion, we totes wouldn’t have believed it was actually her!

In another shot, Dion shows off her enviable gams in a Fly Girl style ensemble, donning a turtleneck, short shorts, a cap and some fierce thigh high black boots. She’s also snapped checking out her reflection in a dressing room mirror rocking little more than gloves and a hair bow. Bom chicka wow!

Dion also looks modelesque, posing in black bottoms, black stilettos and a pale sweater, gazing over her shoulder at the camera. She goes all sexpot in yet another shot, sporting hoops so big that Nelly Furtado would be jelly and a black top that we can best describe as being inspired by a really hot lattice-style fence.

In her interview (quotes via The New York Daily News), Dion gushes about another powerhouse vocalist: Adele. ”I think that her whole image is very good,” Dion, 44, said of the Brit. “The way that she is will definitely help the new generation of girls accept themselves.” She also was mournful of the loss of Whitney Houston, telling the mag, ”I have always been scared of the industry. I was just in shock when Whitney’s life had been taken because of drugs. It’s a big loss for all of us.”

While Dion is happy to sing for a living, she realizes that there are a few things more important to her — like being a mom. ”I was brought into this world to do this, no doubt,” she said of performing. ”I thought I had a life before, but until I was a mom, I had no idea. I’m more grounded now than ever before. I’ve been an open book all my life, and I think that’s why people like me. I’ve been criticized for it, but I’m not forcing myself to be the person that you see.”

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