Cardi B  has officially joined the Fast and Furious franchise! The producer and star of the film, Vin Diesel revealed the big news in an Instagram video with the rapper/actress.

"Day 86 here on the set of Fast 9," Diesel began the video by saying. "I know I’m exhausted. I literally — we all gave every single thing we could for this movie. Put it all on the table. Put it all out there."

"I’m tired," the 27-year-old added. "But I can’t wait. I ain’t gonna front, I think this is gonna be the best one." This marks Cardi's second film, the first being the newly released Hustlers movie which she starred in alongside Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu, among other leading ladies.

"We’re so blessed," Diesel continued. "The last day of filming in the U.K. All love always."

Cardi had parting words for fans about her exhaustion, "I need to take a nappy nap, I've been saying this the whole day, my nappy nap. Remember that."

Diesel ended the video by saying that the film's release date will be in May of 2020.

Watch the announcement video, below!

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