Friday November 16th, 2012 is the Bozeman KISS FM's and Smith's Grocery annual Food Drive "967 Minutes of Caring", for the Gallatin Valley Food Bank. I, and the KISS crew, will be set up in front of Smith's Grocery store from 9am through 9pm broadcasting live and taking food donations. This year you and your business or organization have a huge opportunity to fill the Food Bank shelves, get some exposure for your kindness, and help Can The Griz!

For the last few years the donations we have received have gone toward the Can the Griz food drive competition with Missoula.  This year, you can bring any food or money that you have collected to Smith's and drop it off with us! The Gallatin Valley Food Bank location was congested with folks trying to drop off their donations.  A good problem to have for sure, but we are helping alleviate that congestion and hopefully make donating more convenient for you!

The Food Bank will be set up with us in front of Smith's all day and night.  If your business or organization has been collecting food and need to get it to the food bank you now have two options.  You can still drop it off at the Food Bank, or you can come by Smith's and there will be a Food Bank worker there  to get you your total donation weight and a receipt if you need one.

Two great advantages to dropping donations by Smith's.  KISS will be taking down business and organization info and giving on-air shout outs for donations, PLUS Smith's is donating $20 to the Food Bank every time a business or organization comes and donates at Smith's.

Mark it down!! Friday November 16th at Smith's Grocery Store from 9am to 9pm it is 967 Minutes of Caring Food Drive!! All donations go towards Can The Griz.