The official version of Britney Spears' video for 'Perfume' is not as good as the director's cut…this according to the director himself!

His discussion of the topic on Twitter lead to a fan-driven petition --- to get the label to release the director's cut for all the world to enjoy!

Joseph Kahn, who has lensed prior vids for Brit, including 'Toxic' and 'Womanizer,' as well as Eminem and Rihanna's 'Love the Way You Lie,' among many other high profile clips, took to Twitter to share that Brit gave quite a tour de force performance in the minute-longer director's cut. Apparently, the shooting scene where a scorned Brit exacts revenge was axed.

The 'Breaking Badney' concept certainly excites us.

The petition is here if you want to get your John Hancock in on the action. It's worth noting that director's cuts are often released after a video has landed and marinated, so there is hope.