There are a lot of pretty great ski resorts in North America. From Colorado to Washington all the way up to Canada, you can always find a great quality ski resort. Sometimes though, some slip through the cracks and you might not realize that there is a great ski mountain close by.

Unofficial Networks did a post about the Top 5 Best Under-The Radar Ski Resorts in North America, and Bridger Bowl right here in Bozeman made the list.

There are resorts from Idaho, Canada, New York and Nevada (that surprised me), but it's really cool that even though Big Sky gets ton of press for being one of the best ski resorts in the United States, that Bridger Bowl also gets some press.

Bridger Bowl is known as a local mountain that is always well-priced and easy to get to and there are usually no lines during the week. Congrats, Bridger Bowl!