So we all know that winters here in Bozeman are insane, especially if you love skiing or snowboarding. Well, I just found out, thanks to Unofficial Networks, that Bridger Bowl has one of the best "blower" powder in the WORLD.

Credit:Philipp Guelland/Getty Images

If you are wondering what "blower" means, I was in the same boat as you. The meaning of "blower" powder means that it describes great powder snow or just a fantastic day of ski or snowboarding.

On Unofficial Networks, they say even thought they don't get the most snowfall during the year they fully make up with possibly the best powder snow in the world. They also say the best month to go skiing on Bridger Bowl to experience this snow is December.

As a former skier, I know for a fact that if you can get fresh powder on the mountain there is simply nothing better. The problem is with Bozeman being a huge tourist town during the winter, there will be others trying to get in the fun as well.

To see the whole list check out Unofficial Networks.

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