Breaking News this morning as media outlets are reporting the passing of Robbie Knieval has died at the age of 60 years old.

TMZ broke the news that the Butte, Montana native had passed away after a battle with pancreatic cancer after being in Hospice Care.  It's being reported that Knieval was surrounded by his daughters at the time of his death.

Robbie Knieval was the son of the most famous daredevil of all, Montana native Evil Knieval.  Robbie decided to follow in his famous father's footsteps and entered the high-risk entertainment business. The young Knieval started performing with his father when he was just 8 years old and became a regular fixture with his dad when he turned 12.

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Robbie was born in Butte on May 7th back in 1962 and would later attend Central Catholic High School in Butte, but would not end up graduating.

Robbie Knievel Announces Plans For His Biggest Ever Stunt
Getty Images Dan Kitwood / Staff

Over his career, the Montana daredevil would replicate many of his famous father's jumps, including the jump at Ceaser's Place. While certainly his own man, Knievel didn't hesitate to use the family name to his advantage, including variations of his father's famous red, white, and blue leather jumpsuits.

His father was known as much for his unsuccessful stunts as much as he was for his successful ones.  The senior Knievel who passed away back in 2007 will always be remembered for his attempt to jump over the Snake River in Idaho with the X-2 Skycycle.

Evel Knievel
Getty Images David Ashdown / Stringer

Millions watched as the X-2 took off and actually cleared the river, only to have the parachute open early, which caused the wind to push the machine back into the canyon as it landed on the shore next to the river.

Robbie often talked about recreating the jump, but it never happened.

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