After a big drinking holiday, like St. Patrick's Day, sometimes you don't feel the best the next day and you may need a remedy. So I thought I would compile my top five spots in Bozeman for a hangover remedy. Here they are:

  • 1

    Cosmic Pizza

    They deliver for free and their pizza is known as some of the best not only Bozeman, but possibly in the state of Montana.

  • 2

    The U Burgers and Shakes

    Sometimes you just need a big delicious burger to make you feel better and help you go back to sleep. The U is a life saver.

  • 3

    Jersey Mikes/Pickle Barrel

    A big sandwich that can fill you up and is equally delicious. Both of these places have amazing steak sandwiches that will help cure you of the hangover blues.

  • 4

    Mongolian BBQ

    You can make your own bowl and put whatever your hungover body is craving in it. The best part is if you can't finish you have leftovers that are super tasty.

  • 5

    Any Breakfast Place That Isn't Packed

    Nothing better for your hangover than some biscuits and gravy or a fat steak to take your worries away. The problem is a majority of places are usually packed on most mornings, so I would try Storm Castle, Western Cafe or even Bagels Etc.

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