Bozeman recently ranked #7 in the most educated small cities (populations fewer than 150,000) in the United States, according to a new AdvisorSmith study.

Here is a breakdown of the top 10 most educated small cities:

1. Lawrence, KS
2. Ithaca, NY
3. Corvallis, OR
4. Ames, IA
5. Iowa City, IA
6. Columbia, MO
7. Bozeman, MT
8. State College, PA
9. Burlington, VT
10. Manhattan, KS

Bozeman also ranked well among cities of all sizes, coming in at #11, beating out both Missoula (#31), and Helena (#37).

The study reveals that 18.3% of Bozeman residents age 25 or older have graduate degrees, and 48.5% have bachelors degrees. Both of those are well-above the national averages of 13.1% and 35%, respectively.

The study analyzed cities (metro areas) based upon data from the United States Census Bureau American Community Survey. It ranked 511 cities based upon the percentage of city residents aged 25 or older who achieved various levels of educational attainment, including the percentage of high school, college, and graduate school degree holders.

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