I mean, it's definitely my favorite to go to if they aren't too busy.

Credit:Geber86/Getty Images

I was just surfing Facebook today, looking for what some of the breakfast spots were going to do for Easter Sunday, and I happened to come across this lovely article from the Food Network the Cateye Cafe posted about two months ago: 50 Best Brunches in the United States.

I mean, it says it all in the name. The Food Network putting the spotlight on the Cateye Cafe is pretty cool. I was really excited to see the Cateye Cafe as the best place not only in Bozeman but all of Montana, especially for the fact there are so many great quality breakfast spots right here in the Gallatin Valley.

When I first moved here, the Cateye Cafe was one of the first breakfast places I ever went to and I would always take guests or my family there whenever they are in town. Their food is not only delicious and you get a great deal, but everyone who is in there is having a great time and the staff is very, very friendly. I am glad that the Cateye Cafe is getting more recognition as a fine brunch establishment, and I can't wait to go there again.

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