First they let robot pizza trucks loose on the streets, then they taught robotic dogs to open doors. Now, Black Mirror has made another terrifying collision with reality, as a new “Hang the DJ”-inspired dating app will tell you exactly how much time you and your sweetie have left.

You’re warned of Black Mirror Season 4 spoilers from here on out, but “Hang the DJ” took place in a cryptic mandated courtship society that would match users of a certain app, and determine exactly how much time they’d spend together – hours or years – regardless of their affection for one another. An interesting idea, perhaps (it of course wasn’t what it seemed), but now real-life couples can arbitrarily destroy or strengthen their own relationships with a similar app. Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

The Coach dating app has created a feature that functions much as the Black Mirror version does; allowing users to send a URL to their match that determines relationship length with a simultaneous click. And yes, failure to observe the results at the same time will trigger “re-calibrating” that shortens the length of your relationship. What a fun couples’ activity.

That’s three down from Season 4, so presumably 2018 will next bring us wildly intrusive nanny-vision, Jesse Plemons as a (more) misogynistic spaceship captain, guinea pig memory tech and a giant collection of Black Mirror easter eggs. Oh no.

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