Although, the weather has not really been feeling like it I still believe it is about that time to break out the swim suits and retire the winter jackets.  With that being said that means I need to break out the work outs and retire the lounging around. This last week I decided to try the Bozeman Pole Fitness class which is a locally owned studio for pole dancing fitness. I am not going to lie I was a little hesitant about the class and even mentioning that I was going because I really did not know what it was about but like I mentioned I have got to get my work out on so a couple of the girls from Planet Beach and I had a fitness training girl party.  We headed over to the studio for our private party in learning pole fitness. I am so glad I did not let my inhibitions get in the way. I took to the class as if it were a work out and let me tell you I am still sore today.  The class was great and the instructor was so welcoming. It was an hour and half long class focusing on stretching, strengthening and toning your full body with the use of the pole. I definitely was not the most graceful but I would like to believe it just takes some practice.

I know one thing for sure if my body could look like the instructors after some of her pole fitness classes I am definitely ready to break out the suit!! So with summer hopefully around the corner and me learning to dance like I should be on the corner....just playing... but me getting involved in an exercise that is fun and will have results I might stick to the pole fitness and put my stereotype aside.