Sometimes after a long day you just want to relax and have a juicy steak dinner.

But where should you go? There are so many choices and after much discussion here we have narrowed it down to these restaurants.

  • 1

    South 9th Bistro

    Also one of Bozeman's most underrated restaurants, South 9th Bistro is pretty well hidden next to the MSU campus but has three mouth watering steaks to choose from.

  • 2

    Blackbird Kitchen

    Blackbird Kitchen might have only one steak on their menu but they have mastered cooking a cast iron cooked steak.

  • 3

    Pompey's Grill

    Located inside the Sacajawea Hotel, Pompey's Grill has several cuts of steak. Baseball cut, New York strip, and rib eye, just to name a few.

  • 4

    Stacy's Old Faithful Bar and Steakhouse

  • 5

    The Mint Bar and Cafe

    Right on Main Street in Belgrade, The Mint Bar and Cafe serves great, quality food. The prices are just right for a date night.

  • 6

    Montana Rib and Chop House

    We can't leave Livingston off this list. The Montana Rib and Chop House is a nice option in Livingston and while we are waiting for them to open in Bozeman, making the drive to Livingston isn't too bad.

  • 7

    Land of Magic

    The Land of Magic Steakhouse in Logan is a Gallatin Valley favorite, with a reputation for serving up delicious cuts of meat.

  • 8

    Sir Scott's Oasis

    This place features and old-school Montana vibe with great food. Check it out next time you are in Manhattan.

  • 9

    Stockman Bar and Cafe

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