It's become more of a when, instead of an if, when the southern route will return to Montana, and Bozeman needs to be prepared. 

We have done many stories about the Big Sky Passenger Rail Authority gaining steam. Not only from locals but from politicians wanting southern Montana cities like Bozeman, Butte, Missoula, and Billings to return to service. Passenger trains are currently only available in the northern towns of Montana. 

The proposal has been gaining so much momentum maybe the Gallatin County should get ahead of the curve. and plan to build out a brand new train station, either in Bozeman or Belgrade. We aren't nominating the old train station in Bozeman that's near Bozone Brewing because that building is very outdated, covered in graffiti, and there would be virtually no parking. The whole building would have to be torn down, and that's not feasible. 

Where would the best spots be to build a new passenger train station in Gallatin County? There are a few places in Bozeman and Belgrade that would be perfect to build out a passenger train station. The criteria are that the spots are next to the train tracks, easily accessible, and building out parking wouldn't be a problem. 

One location could be positioned somewhere off of 19th and Frontage Road. There are plenty of areas to build a train station and have ample parking. Plus, that road is easily accessible from Interstate 90 as well. 

The other location that would be ideal would be in Belgrade off of the Airport Exit. This area is a booming area with hotels, businesses, and more developments on the way. Adding a train station would make this area the transportation hub of the Gallatin Valley. 

Those are my ideas, but there might be a few other spots in the Gallatin Valley that would be perfect.

For up-to-date news, check out the Big Sky Passenger Rail Authority

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