You don't often see very many Montanans competing in the Olympics and so when there is one, we should root them on.

406 MT Sports is reporting that Belgrade local is Alison Weisz is training at Fort Jackson with her rifle team for the 2021 Summer Olympics planned to happen in Tokyo, Japan. The Olympics were supposed to happen this past summer but the COVID-19 pandemic ruins everything. She made Team USA for the 10 meter Air Rifle and the 50 meter competition.

In these events you need precise marksmanship to hit your targets and Alison Wiesz is up for the challenge. If you are wondering what this event might look like. Here's a video for a great description.

This event looks like high pressure and very intense and I can't wait to see a local participate and show what Montana can do with a firearm.

If you are wondering how rare it is for a Montanan to be in the Olympics, there is only a record of eight people. The most recent Montanans to participate in the Olympics were Maggie Voisin of Whitefish and Darian Stevens of Missoula competed in a skiing event while Brad Wilson from Butte competed in moguls in the 2018 Winter Olympics.

According to Wikipedia, the only Montana marksman to participate was Lones Wigger from Great Falls and he is a three time medal winner.

Alison Wiesz has the chance to join rare company competing in the 2021 Summer Olympics and we just want to wish her the best of luck and we will all be watching.

For more details, check out 406 MT Sports.

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