2008 was the year that Dr. Dre launched Beats By Dre headphones onto the market.  Since then the Beats product line has been dominating the field in sales and in quality.  Co-founder Jimmy Lovine notes that there are other rappers now jumping on the wagon and putting out their own headphones, but he doesn't seem worried.

Lovine says - “You see all these rappers now with headphones – let them try – Dre is not a just a rapper. He’s a master of sound, which reflects in our products… So all these other rappers can try to introduce their own headphones. It doesn’t bother us at all. All it does is make us look better.”

A product that is marketed to exactly who is going to buy them and then delivers on the product?! What a concept!! Quality is what has made Dre last this long and will, hopefully, keep him around until someone else in the rap game figures out that quality over trends is the better business model.

Beats by Dre has a new line for the holidays coming out featuring new colors and a bit of a new look.

Info found via XXL