Why haven't we heard about this incredible program sooner? This program seems like a slam dunk of an idea.

Montana's national parks are open, and people are flooding in to experience these magical places. Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks are two of America's most popular national parks due to the many activities and attractions.

Families, couples, and others love visiting these national parks because there is so much to do.

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Sometimes, folks want to bring their dogs to the parks when hiking or camping because it helps deter wild animals and it's a fantastic form of exercise.

Photo by Brian Jones via Unsplash
Photo by Brian Jones via Unsplash

Did you know some national parks have a program for dogs to become ambassadors? We didn't either.

Yellowstone National Park.Wyoming.USA

The National Park System has a program called the B.A.R.K. Rangers. This program is to help dogs have a positive experience in the parks and help spread awareness about what to do when bringing your dog to the parks.

What does BARK stand for?

  • Bag your pet's waste
  • Always leash your pet
  • Respect wildlife
  • Know where to go

Each B.A.R.K program is different at every park for different experiences.

Does Montana's national parks have a B.A.R.K. program?

Surprisingly, Glacier and Yellowstone are a few of the national parks that don't have B.A.R.K. programs in place.

Why? It could be for several reasons.

Photo by Fi Dogs via Unsplash
Photo by Fi Dogs via Unsplash

There might be too many trails or wildlife to keep in check or there aren't enough park rangers to have a program like this.

Should Montana's national parks include a B.A.R.K. program? We think so.

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