Well, if you marked your calendar for May 4 to see Avengers: Infinity War you’re going to have to, like, mark it some more.

That’s right, the summer movie season is starting even earlier this year. The mad geniuses at Marvel just announced on Twitter that their most anticipated movie in years, Avengers: Infinity War will arrive in theaters a week earlier than previously announced. Now the film debuts everywhere on Earth (and in certain select parts of the galaxy) on April 27. Here’s how the company (with the help of Robert Downey Jr.’s social media assistant) revealed the news:

(Marvel... Marvel knows Robert Downey Jr. isn’t really Tony Stark, right? Like, that’s a character. Robert Downey Jr.’s been in a lot of stuff. Someone send Marvel a copy of Zodiac.)

If you missed it before (and since it’s already been viewed 144 million times, I kind of doubt you did, but whatever), here’s the latest Infinity War trailer. Pay no attention to any release date information contained herein; it is out of date.

So remember: Avengers: Infinity War now comes out on April 27. If you show up at the theater on May 4 you’re gonna feel really stupid, because it the movie will already have been out for a week and everyone except you will have seen it.

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