Avalaunch is a movement of people spreading avalanche awareness, providing avalanche knowledge and praying for epic amounts of snow for the season. Oh yeah and they are also all about sick ski movies and concerts that shut down entire streets!

This three day event begins with the opening of the Avalaunch Lounge in the back of Wild Joe's downtown. The following day from 5 to 7:15 there will be free avalanche classes and Q/As followed by the premiere of the ski movie "Eye Trip" from Level 1 productions. Following the movie is an after party at the Zebra Cocktail lounge. On the third and final day of the festival, the Avalaunch team will be at the base of Bridger Bowl at Avalaunch Basecamp showcasing the best technology in snow safety. Later that evening, the Hip-Hop band Blackalicious will be closing down Main Street at the intersection of Black and Main for the Pray for Snow Celebration. And to continue the festivities even more, the Zebra will still be boasting music and drink specials after the concert.

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Tickets for the Pray for Snow Party can be found at Cactus Records, Helly Hanson and Chamberlinproductions.com