After appearing together in the ‘National Anthem‘ video, A$AP Rocky and Lana Del Rey team up again for this new song called ‘Ridin’.’ The track was originally supposed to appear on the KickDrums’ mixtape ‘Follow the Leaders,’ but it may be considered for Rocky’s new LP ‘LiveLoveA$AP’ (due out Sept. 11).

‘Ridin’ is a perfect song for car cruising on a hot summer day with its 808 drum beat, soul sample and flute flutters. LDR, who is a self-proclaimed rap fan, trade verses with Rocky as she expresses her love for the Harlemite rapper.

I want to be your object, of your affection / Give me all your time, touch, money, and attention / Pick me up after school, you can be my baby / Maybe we could go somewhere, get a little crazy / He’s rich and I’m wishin’, um, he could be my Mister Yum / Delicious to the maximum, chew him up like bubble gum,” she raps. Oh behave, Lana.

Meanwhile, Rocky repeatedly mentions on the chorus, “Long hair Lana, that’s my b—- / You can tell by the swagger in her lips.” Uh, that was cute.

Rocky then follows, “Lana, Lana, tell them what it is / Tell ‘em that you doin’ it, you mean to do it big / I said, one big room, full of bad b—-es / No it’s one big room and it’s full of mad b—-es / I said Lana, Lana, tell them what it is / Tell ‘em when you do it that you only do it big.”

It looks as if Rocky and Del Rey are doing it real big on this song. Are we hearing a budding romance between Rocky and LDR? Nevertheless, fans of either A$AP Rocky or Lana Del Rey will appreciate the collaboration.

What do you think? Are you ‘Ridin” with A$AP and LDR?

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