Like most big-budget tentpoles, Aquaman is in the middle of some reshoots, and they’ve added a new character. Well, new to the film, but if you know the Aquaman comics, you’ll recognize the name Dr. Stephen Shin.

James Wan revealed on his Instagram that Aquaman’s reshoots have added Fresh Off the Boat star Randall Park as Dr. Shin, the man who helped the young superhero deal with his powers, but who later becomes obsessed with finding Aquaman’s lost home of Atlantis.

In the comics, Dr. Shin was young Arthur Curry’s friend, and a friend of his father’s. He helped the young Atlantean live above the waves before turning on him when Aquaman refused to reveal the location of the lost city to him. Later, Aquaman and Mera come to him for help identifying a few mysterious undersea creatures.

Since Park is on set for “pickups,” could this possibly mean that he’s filming some kind of post-credits or mid-credits scene foreshadowing his future obsession with the lost underwater city? Or perhaps he’s only present in the movie for young Aquaman’s backstory. Park is part of a growing family of actors who appear in both the DCEU and the MCU, as he’s also been cast in Marvel’s upcoming Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Aquaman hits theaters December 21.

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