Anderson Cooper, God love him, is certainly the beloved Silver Fox. But he is not, by any means, a British spy.

Regardless, he gave it the old "CNN anchor try" in this CBS 'Overtime' outtake footage from the '60 Minutes' expose on the world's most famous fictional secret agent -- and even though Coop doesn't even buy himself in the role of 007, it was still rather amusing to see him get dressed up and act all silky smooth and Bond-like.

Producer Tanya Simon had the brilliant idea to have Coop parade around as Bond for a day and to live out the fantasy, and since he's coupled up with boyfriend Ben Maisani -- whose photographed indiscretion over the summer was swiftly swept under the rug, never to be mentioned again -- you'll need to suspend disbelief for the whole Bond Girl thing.

That said, Cooper did an adept job of handling guns at the shooting range and looking dapper while leaning against an Astin Martin (turns out he can't drive a stick, so a planned segment of him tooling around in the car was scrapped). He also gamely modeled the chromed-out 'Jaws' grill in his mouth.

But despite all the Bondian bells and whistles, Anderson never quite felt like he really was James Bond. He even worked with the person who taught the current 007 Daniel Craig and predecessor Pierce Brosnan how to shoot, but it did little to make him feel any more authentic.

Cooper admits he was so depressed at seeing a picture of himself at the shooting range that he later deleted it, reporting it made him appear as though he was a "skinny, pale, gray-haired, middle-aged guy trying to look like James Bond." (It must have been bad. This is the same guy who was willing to be photographed alongside a cardboard cut-out of Honey Boo Boo.)

Eh, it's okay. He not be 007, but no one can take away his Silver Fox status.

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