It wouldn’t be a Ridley Scott movie without a well-timed, ominous viral campaign — the guy was, after all, formerly an ad man. Much like the series of short videos starring the crew of The Martian on their space station, Alien: Covenant has come out with two transmissions from the people on that particular doomed ship, intercut with some creepy found footage of their expedition onto a new planet. We all know that no matter how good the intentions of the Covenant crew are, it’s all going to go terribly, terribly wrong, thanks to our Xenomorph friend.

It’ll be particularly difficult to watch the spirit of Katherine Waterston’s Daniels get crushed by the knowledge that this planet that was once home to so much hope for the human race is instead a hunting ground for an extraterrestrial ace predator.

We also get a transmission from the Covenant’s Oram, played by Billy Crudup, in which he reads to us a short message of hope and excitement. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just watch two-plus hours of a bunch of astronauts successfully colonizing a friendly planet and having a good time? Alas, this is an Alien movie, and no one will be having a good time for long.

They certainly shall behold wonders heretofore unimagined. It’s just that those wonders want to eat them.

Alien: Covenant hits theaters May 10.

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