Chance the Rapper made himself a star and helped thrust his native Chicago into the spotlight with his 2013 breakthrough release, Acid Rap. The free release was arguably the most high-profile effort from an indie artist of the year -- not to mention from a relative unknown -- and has kept Chance's name hot for the past few years. But the victory lap has come to an end and it's time for the rapper to get to work with a new LP.

And Chance is doing just that with the looming release of his next project, Surf, a collaborative project with his band, the Social Experiment, set to drop in spring. But in the middle of trying to regain the magic he captured with Acid Rap, he took the time to head to his Chicago stomping grounds to support the Louder Than a Bomb youth poetry festival on Sunday Night (March 1).

The rhymer may be a star in his own right, but the people in attendance got a big surprise when their hometown hero took the stage with Oscar-nominated actor Alec Baldwin. He busted a few dope bars (no, really) while Chance showcased his beatboxing skills.

"He is for the people," Chance wrote in the caption, "Him, Alfred Woodard and Ali from Tribe came thru the city to help raise money for YCA, the organization that built and developed myself and Malcolm London into the leaders we have become."

The crowd was engaged and lively as Baldwin recited a few lines from Carl Sandburg's popular poem, "Chicago." This is yet another example of how the power of spoken word can bring people together. Money for a great cause was raised, Chance the Rapper got to share the stage with another legend and Alec Baldwin got to live out his fantasy of being the fourth Beastie Boy, which sounds like a good night in our book.

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