MTV announced that Lil Wayne will be doing Unplugged and now another band is down to go acoustic. 30 Seconds to Mars is set to do the MTV series.  They have already taped the session and MTV says it was "a thoroughly epic installment of the long-running series."  It will not air though until July.

Lead singer Jared Leto says "I think our generation, it was kind of a rite of passage, and if you were invited to do 'MTV Unplugged,' it certainly was a pretty big deal," Leto said. "And so many of our favorite bands did 'Unplugged' and still do it, so we were really thrilled to be asked."

The set is said to consist of  "Hurricane," "Kings and Queens" and "Closer to the Edge," as well as covers of the Police's "Message in a Bottle" and U2's "Where the Streets Have No Name," the latter of which Leto said holds a special place in his and his brother Shannon's hearts — and what better place to perform it than "Unplugged"?

"To be honest, [U2's] Joshua Tree was a big record," Leto said. "My brother had a copy of it, and he would open the windows of the apartment, and put the speaker in the windowsill, and it would hold the sill open, and we would be outside in the summer, listening to it.

"It's a big song for us, it's nostalgic, and we really had a good time working on it."

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