This might be your last chance have some of that summer fun. Colleges are starting to begin the fall semester. Mothers are frantically picking up school supplies for their little ones. The bikinis are going away, and the cardigans are here to stay.

You still have time for a last-minute vacation, though. It may not be the most glamorous or well thought out vacation, but that’s what you get for waiting until the 11th hour. Here are 10 last minute summer vacations you can take.

1. Free sample day at your local Costco.

2. Weekend trip to grandmother’s retirement home.

3. A road trip to the world’s largest ball of yarn.

4. Go sailing, garage sailing!

5. Camping in your back yard, aka getting locked out.

6. Go BOTH slides at Big Timber Waterslides.

7. Hike up to the M with a watermelon. Yep, a watermelon.

8. Convince your friends to go to the closest nude beach, and take awkward Instagram photos.

9. Have a ‘Battlestar Galactica’ marathon in bed.

10. Pray Robert Pattinson accepts your invitation for a romantic getaway at a cozy B&B.