Nolan North is in everything. Everything.

His IMDB page is a mile long list littered with video games from 1999 right on up to the present. Name a video game and it’s more than likely that he’s provided some vocals to any one of its characters. From adventurer, to mad scientist to Batman villain, North is a man of a million voices. Yes, he also does a pretty good Christopher Walken.

Here you’ll find a list of the 10 best Nolan North characters ever to caress your little gamer ear holes.

10. Eredan (Lord of the Rings: War in the North)

If you choose to fight the forces of evil as a Human Ranger in The Lord of the Rings: War in the North, then your ears will be delighted to find the voice of Nolan North behind your character. If you thought that even the Lord of the Rings was safe from the aural pleasures of Mr. North, then you would be quite wrong.

9. Hades (God of War III)

Frequently you’ll be playing a game and it will be painfully obvious that Nolan is the voice actor behind the character. The mark of a great voice artist is when they sell a character so different, that it comes as a complete surprise. None of Nolan’s silky syllables or signature snark are on display here, just a throat full of gravel that would make Tom Waits jealous.

8. Prince (Prince of Persia)

Subtlety is the secret ingredient to any great voice actor. Nolan North frequently lends his speaking voice to any number of characters, but each of them is slightly different than the others. He plays the Prince, in the cell-shaded reboot of Prince of Persia, a little more hard and cynical than is usual light-hearted adventurers. He brought a different kind of edge to the Prince that didn’t need eyeliner and a Godsmack track.

7. Desmond Miles (Assassin’s Creed Series)

For some reason, Nolan North’s voice is the voice you hear in your head when someone mentions the “every man." That simple association made him the perfect casting choice for Desmond Miles. Desmond is a stand in for you, the person playing the game, and the way he voices Miles, you almost start believing that it’s your own. That is, until you start getting rejection slips from voice over tryouts.

6. Doctor N Gin (Crash Team Racing)

Crash Bandicoot is one of the most beloved franchises in Playstation history. Of course, Mr. North would be one of the voices on call to bring one of its many characters to life. Starting with Crash Team Racing, Nolan assumed the voice of Doctor N. Gin and brought a raucous sense of insanity to the character. For all that giggling, he lands himself a place in the 10 Best Nolan North Characters.

5. Darkling (The Darkness 2)

North is well versed at playing creepy monsters. He does it with such conviction that you forget that there is actually a man behind that digital Darkling. As Jackie Estocato’s sidekick, Nolan presents us with a likeable little trickster that loves to dismember people and revels in toilet humor. Who doesn’t though, really?

4. Personality Cores (Portal 2)

If anyone could voice a series of ridiculous personality cores used to render that double-crossing jerk Wheatley useless, it would have to be Nolan North. He lends an unique voice to each core you need to attach to Wheatley at the climax of Portal 2. There is even Rick the Adventure Core, which less than subtly pokes fun at Nolan’s more heroic characters.

3. Defective Turret (Portal 2)

The Portal games are already chock full of memorable voices, so standing out against the likes of Wheatley and GLaDOS looked to be completely impossible. But of course, this is Nolan North we’re talking about. He took a seemingly throwaway character like a defective turret and injected him with enough frantic and neurotic hilarity to make George Costanza ask him to calm down. That’s why that little defective hunk of Aperture metal made it to our list of the 10 Best Nolan North Characters.

2. The Penguin (Arkham City)

Nolan North really shines when you give him a bad guy to voice. His portrayal of The Penguin in Arkham City brings about a whole new take on the legendary Batman baddie. With that Cockney drawl and twinge of raspiness in his voice, North makes The Penguin much more menacing and real than Danny DeVito ever could.

1. Nathan Drake (Uncharted Series)

It should hardly come as a surprise that Nathan Drake tops our list of the 10 Best Nolan North Characters. He’s the quintessential adventure hero with all the snappy comebacks and acrobatics to back it up. No task is too large and no slightly cursed treasure is too evil to deter him. It is hard to imagine Drake sounding like anyone else but Nolan North and hopefully we never will hear it.

There you have it folks, the 10 best Nolan North characters. Have any comments or suggestions? Maybe a few characters we failed to mention? Let us know down in the comments.