I experienced my first ever condom fashion show at the MSU Sub Ballrooms this weekend and I was pleasantly surprised! The event was the 4th Annual Latex and Lace Condom Fasion Show and was to promote safe sex among the Montana State University student body.  

Lucky for me, I found a spot directly across from the models' entrance. This not only allowed me to get decent photos with my mediocre camera wielding skills, but I was also able to see up close how much the models were enjoying themselves. Not a single guy or gal had the usual stoic model look. Before the show, I thought the night's enjoyment would only be shared by the hundreds of spectators, but I quickly I realized our runway walking entertainers were actually having the most fun.

The models were separated into groups of four and a winner was chosen by the roar of the crowd for each group.

At the end of the night, the panel of judges awarded special category prizes giving the Mardi Gras girl the most wearable, the skier won most complex, the peacock won best strut, and the Heavy Petting Zoo beat out the Spice Girls for best group (the girls dressed as animals.)

There was an intermission with a speech from Biff the Bobcat who announced his running for class president. I'm not sure if it was just a parody or for real, but his condom/sex pun filled speech won my vote! It was pretty hilarious and I hope someone got a video of it.

Our very own Missy O'Malley was pumping the music all night and the emcee with the best hair of the night was Levi Barbao.  There were prizes given out to blushing members of the crowd including toys, oils, and gift certificates from Erotique.

All of this and it was a free event!

I could write and write but I'll let the photos do the talking. I can't wait to see how they do it big next year! Let us know what outfit was your favorite in the comments below.