Listen, I understand Yellowstone is a great national park that is pretty close by, but to be perfectly honest, I think the other national park in Montana, Glacier National Park, is better than Yellowstone. I grew up near that area and I loved every minute I spent there. Yet, I believe it doesn't get the credit it properly deserves. I will give you four reasons why I think Glacier National Park is better than Yellowstone.

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    Where Yellowstone gets around four million people a year, Glacier gets around two million. So that means less tourists and more sights that you can see without a huge group of people as well.

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    Closer City

    Bozeman is about 45 minutes away from Yellowstone, but Glacier is right next to Whitefish, a town very similar to Bozeman. So that means if you are in of supplies or a place to stay you don't have to travel very far.

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    Going to the Sun Road

    Yellowstone has a few beautiful drives but honestly, nothing beats Going to the Sun Road at Glacier National Park. Every time we used that road we saw everything from mountain goats to moose.

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    Yellowstone has a few hot springs but during the summertime if you want to cool off, Glacier has Lake McDonald and it's breathtaking. Plus there are a few lodges you can stay at Lake McDonald or you can travel back into Whitefish and go to Whitefish Lake or even go a bit further and check out Flathead Lake.