I am so excited for Dane Cook to be coming to town on Thursday. It is funny to me because obviously I love good stand up comedy and I would like to think that I have always known good comedians. When I heard Dane Cook was coming I was so excited and remembered back to when I first was introduced to his stand up.

My friend in college who was from Almeda, CA was like Ashley have you ever seen Dane Cook and I had not so of course she had to introduce me and I loved it. Which this made me think tonight that really I had no idea about good stand up and comedians. To me some of the other great stand up comedians are Katt Williams, Dave Chappelle, Tosh and of course the red neck guys all of which I did not start watching until college. So to say the least I have been behind the ball with my stand up but would love to know who are some of your favorite comedians and your favorite stand up. Let me know like I said who doesn't love some good comedy:)!!!!