Whitney Houston has been keeping her nose clean, as far as trouble goes, lately.  Has Whitney decided to stop being a diva and behave like normal folk finally?  Not this week apparently.

Houston was on a flight from Atlanta to Detroit on Wednesday and didn't feel she needed to fasten her seatbelt like everyone else.  No word on if this is the first time Houston has flown sober and just didn't realize that buckling up was a deal breaker when it comes to flying commercial, or if the singer forgot that she's not important enough for airlines to change their policy.

Whitney eventually strapped in, but not before having words with the flight attendant that lost rock, paper, scissors and had to attend to Ms. Houston.

A source told PEOPLE Magazine that "She wasn't drunk, drinking or on drugs; she was just exhausted,".   Ahhh! Exhausted.  Thank you for the info.  That makes this a whole lot less divaish.

TMZ.com first reported the episode.