Two years ago, I had a great time at the Monsters' Ball dancing to RJD2 in my Dexter costume. And Last year, again I had a blast going from bar to bar seeing all of the featured bands in the 2010 Monsters' Ball. But this year, I've yet to hear concrete details of what's in store. Have you heard?

The only details I've come across seem more like rumors. I say that because they sound almost too good to be true. If these rumors are true, this year's Monster Ball may be the best yet! Supposedly there will be free drinks, fire dancers and only 60 tickets being given out! They must be keeping the admissions low to allow for free drinks. The most recent rumor I've heard is that a local pizza place with a name that begins with a T will be selling tickets at 5pm on Wednesday. Or it could really be 4pm, I'm not quite clear on the gory details and that's why I need you're help. I'm sharing what I know with you, in exchange I want you to share what you know with me. Leave a comment at the bottom of this page if you have heard anything about this year's Monsters' Ball.

UPDATE: I just searched for the event on Facebook and found something very interesting. According to the Monsters' Ball event page:

No information will be given regarding this event. We're releasing 10 tickets to the public that will be available at Tarantino's Pizza on Wednesday at 5:00 PM. The rest will need to be found :)

Tickets will be $25 and include FREE Alcoholic drinks (from supporting sponsors) and appetizers.