I don't know about you but I'm saddened to think they possibly will not invent flying cars, teleportation, commercial space travel, or healthy fast food in my lifetime. These might be beyond our grasp in the near future but that doesn't mean some other amazing things won't happen.

According to this graphic compiled by BBC Future, we can expect Facebook to fall, AI to grow, a global government, cloning and much more.

I've written out some key predictions along with my own predictions in parentheses. I felt like I was imagining a new science fiction novel!

2015 - The first immortal living mouse will be created (A new religion is created worshiping this rat in hopes of them too becoming immortal)

2016 - Facebook is no longer the biggest social network (China invents its own)

2017 - Electronics will have a sense of smell (Your computer will tell you that you need a shower and that you wear to much Axe Body Spray)

2019 - High resolution bionic eyes will be available to purchase (Quickly becomes banned in professional sports)

2020 - Many people will wear devices that record and store every little thing they do (Crime drops to nearly zero)

2025 - You can upload your brain's thoughts to a computer (Electronics become very personalized based on who you are as a person. Your computer is able to tell you exactly what you will be interested in relating to culture, entertainment, people, education etc. Happiness and productivity drastically increases. Government outlaws job interviewers from using any brain data in the selection process)

2030 - Human pilots are replaced with robotic AI pilots on commercial flights (Air travel prices drop and planes are rarely ever delayed or cancelled)

2030 - Global government is put into place (With the further exploration of space, we conclude that we aren't alone in the universe and we need to unite in the anticipation of contact with extraterrestrials)

2050 - For an expensive fee, parents can select what genes get passed on to their kids (At the beginning, kids look more and more like the celebrities on the TV and in magazines. Then we begin seeing trends and eras in personal traits like we do now in fashion, music, and movies)

2062 - The first cloned human (Debates ensue on whether to clone historical figures)

2100 - A new ice age will begin (Bio domes are constructed in ever major city. Family applications begin pouring in to determine who gets a reserved spot. World war three begins as the rich want to buy spots and the pour refuse to build the domes)

2150 - At least one human will be 150 years old (And his name is John Tesh)

What do you hope happens in the next 150 years?


BBC Future