What was happening in the world at the time of your birth?  Wikipedia now has a page you can find the song that was #1 the week of your birth. Does the song that was played the most around your birth contribute to who you are now?

Not that this test is really all that revealing, but it got me thinking...does the song that was number 1 the week of your birth have anything to do with your personality?  I mean if the alignment of the stars and your astrological sign can have some barring, why can't the song that was listened to the most the week of your birth?  I mean if you think about it you most likely heard the song when you were either in the hospital or on the way home from the hospital or on the radio at home?

Take a look and see what song was #1 the week of your birth, and let me know if that the song makes you feel anything emotional.  Find your song here.  It would be awesome of you posted the song below.

The song of my birth week?  Michael Jackson "Rock With Me".

Ya it dates me for sure, but in this case the song was #1 the week before my birth, the week of and the 2 following weeks.  That HAS to have some sort of impact?  I mean I love Michael's music, but who didn't who was born around the same time?  Specifically I love this song.  I always have, but maybe that's just because it's a sweet song and not because it may have been the first song I really got to listen to when I was born?  Maybe I'm thinking too much about this...