The first annual Gift Worth Giving winning couple has been chosen and Heidi and Tanner will be getting a dream wedding courtesy of all the sponsors of The Gift Worth Giving Giveaway. The couple is excited and ready to say their vows and are blogging about it right here on Kiss FM. Here is their first blog detailing their excitement and graciousness.

So we are blogging now!!

First of all I want to start off by thanking THE GIFT WORTH GIVING. This is the most incredible news my family has received in a long time! I am so excited to be planning a wedding with such fabulous people!! Tanner and I have incurred so many lows together in life it's going to be a change to experience such a high together! It all started with a "final interview" in Bozeman at 5:30 on Sunday.. Little did we know, that our entire family was their and they had been keeping this "SECRET" from us since Saturday evening... I really don't have the words for how we felt when we first walked in and saw The Gift Worth Giving team, the vendors, and our families yelling congratulations!!! We instantly burst into tears and tanner wrapped his arms around me and i knew everything was going to work out!!!... We really can't say THANK YOU enough to everyone for making our dreams come true!! We look forward to starting this journey... AND THE FUN BEGINS!!