If there is someone out there that has never had a bad job my hat is off to you. Now, if you are like me I needed to make some money and whatever job I could get I was taking.  I worked as a housekeeping for a whole 3 months and it was probably the worst job I have ever had.  It was not only cleaning rooms that was terrible, it was the smoke breaks (I don't smoke), being around men who did not speak English and thought touching was the only way to communicate, and working at a hotel that had no rules for the guest.  I do realize a bad job is at least a job but while I was working there I defiantly thought differently.

Although, I thought I may have been the only one with a terrible job at the time here are a few celebrities who also suffered some pretty rough jobs before getting there break...

Eminem worked at a pizza joint flipping dough while Queen Latifah and Jennifer Hudson both flipped burgers at Burger King. Brad Pitt dressed up in the chicken costume for El Pollo Chicken and Diddy washed cars and got coffees. Although, my favorite has been Chris Rock and Nicki Minaj both worked at Red Lobster. Nicki lost her job after losing her temper and flipping off her customers, that doesn't sound like little Nicki now does it?:)

Either way whatever you have had to do to pay the bills works and hey only adds a little character! I am sure I gained some character from my experience and can not wait to hear about yours....What was the worst job you have ever had?