Thank you to Travey of Gym Class Heroes for posting up a link to their Unplugged performance for VH1! I found it on Facebook and it's pretty good.  Patrick Stump sings on several tracks.  Neon Hitch sings on Ass Back Home and there are a few other goodies even old school GCH fans will like.

As a random question, did you go watch Gym Class Heroes in Missoula when there where there not too long ago?  Randomly, this reminded me of see and hearing of Gym Class Heroes for the first time when they played on the 2nd stage at Warped Tour in Bozeman.  Warped Tour was held that year out at the old Ice Garden.  It may have been the last year here?  Anyway, I think it came back to me because they where really freaking good.  This performance shows these guys really are very skilled musicians. BTW, I did get to talk briefly to Travie that day at the Ice Gardens and he's wicked tall.

I can't post the videos here, but here are some links so you can go watch the performances.