Somehow I kept myself from watching The Walking Dead all the way until this last weekend despite the many suggestions from numerous friends. Needless to say, I began watching and finished watching the entire first season in two days!

It was only a 6 episode first season but it was 6 hours of greatness. The main reason I shied away from The Walking Dead for as long as I did was because I felt jaded and worn out on Zombie Movies. I had even read a couple of the comics and was very impressed, but I didn't think it would translate well to the screen. But being in the mood of Halloween I began watching it on my Netflix (yes the whole first season is streaming on Netflix!) I am happy to say nothing about The Walking Dead felt stale, repetitive or boring. This was why all I did for a night and a lunch break was watch The Walking Dead.

I'm extremely excited for the second season to begin this Sunday. Sadly I don't have cable to watch it on AMC but I'm sure I will find someone who does. Walking Dead party anyone? Invite me please! Here is the teaser for the second season to get you salivating.

Warning viewer discretion advized