Life hacks. Ways of solving everyday problems in unconventional yet simple ways. Sometimes these hacks are frustratingly simple and lead to screams of “how did I not think of that?!” Hacking life often involves doing things yourself aka DIY. Doing things yourself often leads to saving money and learning something about yourself in the process. Why can’t doing things yourself involve your education?

When the recession hit in 2008, people had to change their lives. A rethinking about how we buy cars, what we eat, what clothes we buy, and even thoughts of where and how we receive our education has changed. Student loans have become huge business and some have said it is the next “bubble”. The media concentrates on government and the budget and deficit.  These topics need attention, but the debt students are being laid with is staggering and scary. says “Two-thirds of 4 year students graduate with some sort of debt with more than $100 billion in federal education loans and $10 billion in private student loans are originated each year.” Congress just failed to extend student loan interest rates of 3.4%, so all student loans given out starting July 1st 2013 will raise to 6.8%.

Rethinking college is a healthy conversation. The question of going to college isn’t an issue. College graduates earn somewhere around $650,000 more over the coarse of their carriers than non-graduates. The concern is that coming out of college at 21-24 and having $40,000(on the low end) in student loan debt is a crushing blow to anyone. This is where “Uncollege” and Hackademics comes in. Here is a video to explain more. What do you think?