Sometimes characters on TV are over the top for entertainment purposes.  And sometimes, for the same reason, they are over the top women hungry.  Here are those characters.  Can you think of any that TVSquad Missed? has put out a list of TV's Perviest Characters.

--The site defines "pervy" as people who seem to obsessively think about sex . . . but, quote, "rarely get any (at least with other people . . . on purpose)." Here's the list, along with some of their rationale:

--"CSI Miami's" Horatio Caine . . . played by David Caruso.

--"He's just so leathery and acts as though he's perpetually sneaking up-skirts through the shades he refuses to remove. There has never been another character on television that made me feel violated just by crouching down at a crime scene."

--"The Suite Life of Zack & Cody's" Zack Martin . . . played by Dylan Sprouse.

--"There's something deeply disturbing about a sex-obsessed 12-year-old. I get it, you're supposed to be starting to think about girls at that age, but I would hope you're not chasing tail like the Tasmanian Devil."

--"Hot in Cleveland's" Elka Ostrovsky . . . played by Betty White.

--"Watching Elka deliver stiff lines of hackneyed innuendo every week, out-dueling legitimately attractive women for local dudes makes me regurgitate things I ate a month ago. Elka wanting sex is perverted enough, but bragging about wanting it is the stuff of legends."

--"Family Guy's" Glen Quagmire . . . voiced by Seth MacFarlane.

--"His entire identity is based on having lots of sex, but there's something sleazy about his dedication to luring women back to his den of questionable judgment. There's an element of trickery and deception that the perv must rely on to score."

--"The Office's" Michael Scott . . . played by Steve Carell.

--"Michael has so little knowledge about women and sex that he is arguably more naturally perverted than anyone else on TV."

--"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's" Charlie Kelly . . . played by Charlie Day.

"I'll be honest, Charlie made the list for his stalking skills. Stalking is a huge contributor to perviness. Just ask Duane Chapman [of] 'Dog the Bounty Hunter'!"

--"Boy Meets World's" Mr. Feeny . . . played by William Daniels.

--"He's got it all. Working closely with the kids for all those years, unable to let go, following them all the way through college. He's an older, distinguished single gentleman, and the mustache . . . ahhhh, the mustache!"