New movies this weekend include a PG-13 version of "The King's Speech", Jake Gyllenhaal in "Source Code",  the animated movie "Hop" and a new horror from the makers of Paranormal Activity and Saw called "Insidious".  Also watch trailers for movies that have a limited release!

This is a slightly toned down version from the one that it came out in November.  They cut it down from an R to a PG-13 for this rerelease by muting some of the film's many F-bombs, or occasionally replacing them with the S-word.

--Geoffrey Rush plays a vocal coach who helps the King of England overcome a severe stammer as the country is going to war with Germany in World War 2.  It won Best Picture and Colin Firth won the Best Actor Oscar for playing the king.

"Source Code" (PG-13)

Jake Gyllenhaal goes back in time using a program called the Source Code.  The only drawback is each trip is limited to only 8 minutes, which really sucks when you're trying to stop a bomb from going off and you keep getting blown up over and over again.

"Hop" (PG)

Russell Brand is an Easter bunny who wants to be a rock star.  But when he leaves for Hollywood, the Easter chicks see it as their chance to finally rebel against the bunnies.  It's a mix of live action and computer animation, with James Marsden playing the guy who takes him in once he gets to Hollywood.

"Insidious" (PG-13)

A horror movie from the makers of "Paranormal Activity".  It stars Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne as the parents of a boy who's being haunted by evil entities.

"Super" (R) (Limited)

Rainn Wilson from "The Office" tries to win his wife back from a drug dealer by becoming a costumed crime fighter.  Ellen Page is his psychopathic teenage sidekick, Liv Tyler is his wife, and Kevin Bacon is the drug dealer.    "Shut up crime!"

"Trust" (R) (Limited)

David Schwimmer directed this story about a teenage girl targeted by a middle-aged predator, who lures her into an online relationship by pretending to be a teenage boy.  Clive Owen and Catherine Keener play her unsuspecting parents.

"Wrecked" (R) (Limited)

Adrien Brody plays a guy who wakes up at the bottom of a ravine with no idea where he is, or even who he is.  As he frees himself from his wrecked car, he discovers a gun and stolen money, and he starts having flashes of an armed robbery gone wrong.

"Rubber" (R) (Limited)

A horror movie about a KILLER TIRE that terrorizes a small desert town with its telepathic powers after it becomes obsessed with a woman.


WILL FERRELL has a movie coming out next month that's a little less goofy than his usual stuff.  It's called "Everything Must Go", and I believe the word the media would use to describe it is "dramedy".