So, I was watching The Music Store series video series on YouTube. If you are not familiar, it is a series of short videos that take place in Music Villa (the music supply store downtown) and stars the employees of Music Villa. An episode came on talking about the likeness that Music Villa owner Paul Decker has to John Cusack, the star of High Fidelity. So seeing this show staring employees talk about a movie whose characters are employees got me thinking. What workplace in Bozeman, if taped and given a show, would I watch?

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    K Mart

    I feel like every time I'm shopping in Kmart that 1. there isn't anyone else shopping in K Mart. And 2. There are only 2-3 employees working at any one time. This leads me to believe that there are more people working there, but they are in the back up to no good or something. So I would like to see what really goes on at Bozeman's K Mart.

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    MSU R.A.s (Residential Adviser)

    This would be freaking awesome! I have known a few RAs and the stories they have are amazing. This show would have everything. Drama, romance, students making dumb decisions, comedy. This should be higher on the list.
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    Gibson Guitar Factory

    Although I don't actually play guitar, I would like to know how they are made. And I believe that they are made in stations. The guitars moving from one thing to the next. Every station relying on the previous station. There has to be some sort of hick ups in the process that would lead to some great drama, and possibly some guitar smashing!
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    Zebra Cocktail Lounge

    For obvious reasons this is automatically a great show. High stress. Loud. Great shows. Drunk people. From the security staff to the bartenders, everyone is a character
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    Chamberlin Productions

    Specifically, Chamberlin Rail Jam. I have had the pleasure of working with this crew and the TV show that would come out of this would be amazing. The characters, the stresses, the excitement of the show, building the features. All of it culminating in the show...then the garbage pick up. This is a TV show waiting to happen.

    Darren Gardner/ProGreen Productions