Happy turkey day! I have been excited for Thanksgiving and everything about it. I asked yesterday what was your favorite part of Thanksgiving. As I sat down for an early Thanksgiving dinner today with my family I looked around and thought to myself what is my favorite part of Thanksgiving? I already cherish being with my family because it has been years that I have not had family for Thanksgiving.

If you did not know already I am a baby of five so getting our family together is quit the project. I think my sister has called me more in the last week to plan what I was bringing, asking who's coming and everything else in between more than I have talked to her in a month; so when we all finally sat down for dinner I could not but help to say thanks Katie for bringing us all together I know it was no stress.  Of course everyone giggled but I continued to say I know that it is stressfull to bring us all together because we are such a big family and in that moment I realized what I am really and truthfully am thankful about. We are not the ordinary tradional family but in these moments none of that matters everyone is family. Our table sat 15 which consisted of only three of us that are trueblood. As I looked around and looked at everybody who meant something to someone else I thought this truly is what Thanksgiving is about. I felt fortunate and grateful for all the people in my life.
But the real realization and why I thought this would be something important to share is because at that point when something like thanksgiving brings all of us together we all get to stop take a second out of our busy different lives and all learn a little more about those who have become part of our lives. I feel like what is important to the holidays and moments like these are not everything is perfect.... normal whats normal:) You have to be thankful for what is yours and after this pre-turkey dinner I realized I am thankfull for not being so ordinary!!!!!!!!!