16 Lessons Usher Can Teach You About Life
The Boombox takes a visual trip down memory lane to see what sage advice we can get from his lyrics, quotes and even his selfies on Instagram. Here are 16 Lessons Usher Can Teach You About Life.
Adam Levine vs. Usher – Swoon-Off
The judges of 'The Voice' are known for their vocal talents, but they are also easy on the eyes. Maroon 5's Adam Levine is known for keeping witty banter with Christina Aguilera, while Usher definitely brings charm to the reality show. Which judge is more swoon-worthy?
Usher Releases Statement on Son’s Pool Accident
Earlier this week, Usher's family avoided tragedy when two audio-visual contractors saved his son Usher Raymond V's life when his arm got stuck in a pool drain. The heroic efforts came after the 5-year-old's aunt and a maid's rescue attempts failed.
Usher Sued by Former Nanny
It seems as though Usher's legal troubles with his children are a never-ending saga. His latest headache comes from his former nanny who is claiming she is owed a six-figure sum for working overtime.

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